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Environmental Health Support Center

Environmental Health Support Center Training Subjects

The Environmental Health Support Center (EHSC) supports the IHS Office of Environmental Health and Engineering by providing training and resources on a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to:

  • Leadership and Personal Development (LPD)
  • General OEHE
  • Facilities (FAC) – includes Biomed & Realty
  • Sanitation Facilities Construction (SFC)
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Environmental Health Services (EHS)
  • Institutional Environmental Health (IEH)
  • Injury Prevention (IP)

Registering for courses


Access the class list by selecting “Classes” from the navigation panel. You can view all available classes or search by name, type (webinar, classroom, on-demand), or category. Click on the class name to see course information, log in, and register for training.

My Home Page

Access the training calendar tab from “My Home Page” from the navigation panel. You can type in a month or advance months using the arrow keys. Click on a class to see course information and register for training.

*Please be aware that unless otherwise indicated, there is a tuition charge for those students from compacted/contracted tribes, agencies outside of the Indian Health Service and IHS programs outside of the Office of Environmental Health and Engineering.


My Home Page

Access "My Home Page" to find a listing of classes you are currently registered for, a training calendar where you can sign up for trainings, download transcripts and training certificates, update profile information, and complete class quizzes.


Access "Resources" to find pdf resource documents including guidelines, policies, and templates. You can also use this page to submit documents for potential inclusion in the resource library.

Training Coordinators

Access "Training Coordinators" to find a list of local training coordinators and EHSC contacts. Local training coordinators review registrations and provide Area approvals.

Contact Us

Click on the “Contact Us” to email the EHSC team.