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From the beauty and serenity of the Great Plains, we seek health care professionals who desire a rewarding career and a partnership with the Native American people. In the Great Plains Area Indian Health Service, we are uniquely positioned to offer state-of-the-art medical facilities within a rich cultural setting. Delivering truly needed primary care and preventive services to the people of this unique land presents many challenges and opportunities.

Commissioned Corps

Alicia M. Palazzolo
Northern Plains Regional Liaison
Phone: 301-526-9665


Dr. Flauryse Baguidy
Area Dental Officer
Phone: 605-226-7212

Health Professions

Area Dental Consultant
Phone: 605-226-7206

Area Pharmacy Consultant
Phone: 605-226-7212


Jody Kirkie-Orozco
Nurse Recruiter
Phone: 605-226-7585


Holly Rice PharmD, CAPT, USPHS
Acting Area Pharmacy Consultant
Phone: 605-742-3795


Natalie Holt
Phone: 605-226-7502

Public Health Nursing

Suzanne England
Acting CNO
Phone: 605-496-8501


Jean Archambeau
Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 605-226-7605


Indian Health Service 437 Scholarship Coordinator
Student Extern Coordinator
Phone: 605-226-7502

Health Professionals

  • Indian Health Service - Nursing
    The nursing division of the Indian Health Service offers information in loan repayment, job opportunities, continuing education, to name a few.
  • Indian Health Service - Physicians
    The physicians division of the Indian Health Service.
  • Indian Health Service - Dental
    The Oral Health division of the Indian Health Service offers information in career paths, loan repayment, job opportunities, temporary opportunities, and continuing education, to list just a few.
  • Indian Health Service - Pharmacy
    The pharmacy program in the Indian Health Service offers a good deal of general information about the program. A fraction of these topics include, job opportunities, benefits and pay, loan repayment, promotions, and qualifications.
  • Commissioned Corps Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
    The Commissioned Corps achieves its mission through rapid and effective response to public health needs, leadership and excellence in public health practices, and the advancement of public health science.

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