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Patient Education Reports

The Clinical Reporting System (CRS) Education Report is designed to:

  • Serve as a tool to keep the Indian Health Service, Tribal, and Urban programs informed of the nature and extent of health/patient education activities, major health problems, and health education & prevention activities
  • Aid in determining the extent to which Health/Patient Education efforts are being expended on priority health problems as determined by the Indian Health Service, Tribal, and Urban programs
  • DEMO CRS Education Report [PDF - 114 KB]
  • How to Run a CRS Education Report [PDF - 114 KB]

Clinical Reporting System (CRS) Education Reports Indicates the extent to which facilities and staff are:

  • Providing patient/health education
  • What are the primary diagnoses’ for which patient/health education is provided
  • The topics associated with diagnoses’
  • Which Providers are providing patient/health education
  • The amount of Time spent providing patient/health education
  • The Level of Understanding of the patient/health education provided

For additional information on obtaining a local CRS Education Report, go to your local Information Technology (IT) staff and ask IT to run your local CRS Education Report.