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Sites with Health Education Programs

Patient Education Handouts

The IHS maintains a web site of locally developed and culturally relevant patient education handouts on a wide variety of diseases and topics that can be easily printed.

Documenting Patient Education

Training materials and presentations to promote appropriate documentation of health and patient education:

Self-Management Tools

Electronic Toolkits

Physical Activity and Exercise Toolkit

Providing Education on Breastfeeding

  • Many pregnant women are not encouraged to breastfeed their baby. As health providers, we need to strive to encourage more mothers to breastfeed. As soon as a woman begins her prenatal care, breastfeeding education should be provided consistently and continuously during the prenatal visits. Learn more from the Breastfeeding Toolkit

Health Communications and Health Literacy

  • Effective communication with patients is essential for providing information and education. Learn more about ways to improve healthcare communications between patients and healthcare workers as well as important health literacy concerns at the IHS Health Communications web site.