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Breastfeeding Toolkit

Providing Education on Breastfeeding

Many pregnant women are not encouraged to breastfeed their babies. When mothers breastfeed, they provide their babies essential nutrients and boost their immunity, all while bonding with their child. As health providers, we need to encourage more mothers to breastfeed so their babies get those natural health benefits. Once a woman begins her prenatal care, breastfeeding education should be provided consistently and continuously during the prenatal visits.

Healthy child development habits begin before birth. One proven strategy for reducing the risk of obesity early in life is to support breastfeeding. Experts agree we need to increase the number of health care facilities that encourage mothers to:

  1. feed their babies breast milk only for the first six months of life, and
  2. start feeding solid foods to their babies at six months while continuing to breastfeed until the 12th month.

Below are tools to assist you in supporting breastfeeding.

Guidelines on Breastfeeding

Provider Education - Breastfeeding

Provider Education - Formula Feeding

Provider Education - Labor and Delivery

Provider Education - Rooming In