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2004 Letters

September 16, 2004

Upcoming IHS Area-wide Training Focused on the Implementation of the New Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card and Transitional Assistance Program in Indian Country [PDF - 59 KB]

August 10, 2004

The Announcement of an Upcoming Grant Opportunity Offer to Participate in the President's Health Centers Initiative [PDF - 175 KB]

July 26, 2004

Invitation to Tribal Leaders to Attend a Pre-Health Summit Reception and the Healthier Indian Communities Through Partnerships and Prevention Summit, September 21-24, in Washington, D.C. [PDF - 40 KB]

June 28, 2004

Letter Requesting Review and Comments on Draft Revision to the Indian Health Service Healthcare Facilities Construction Priority System Methodology [PDF - 73 KB]

June 9, 2004

Policy Regarding Provisions of Health Services to Ineligible Individuals Under Section 813(B) of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act [PDF - 52 KB]

June 2, 2004

Letter Informing Tribal Leaders of the HHS/IHS Consultation Policy Workgroup, and the Request for Review and Comment of the Workgroup's Revisions to the Policy [PDF - 44 KB]

May 17, 2004

Invitation to Tribal Leaders and Community Alcohol Coordinators to the First-annual International Conference "Expanding Partnerships to Meet Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Challenges in American Indian and Alaskan Native Communities." June 8-10, San Diego, California [PDF - 44 KB]

January 22, 2004

The Director Clarifies the Extent of Federal Tort Claims Act Protection for the Tribes and Their Employees [PDF - 53 KB]

January 7, 2004

The Appointment of Ms. Mary Lou Stanton as the Acting Director of Headquarters Operations [PDF - 40 KB]