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National Nurse Leadership Council

National Nurse Leadership Council

Our Mission

  • The National Nurse Leadership Council provides leadership for Indian Health through advocacy, accountability, communication and integrity.

Our Vision

  • Is the voice within IHS that defines healthcare
  • Acts as stewards for all of healthcare
  • Leads Indian Health Care into the future

Our Values

  • Advocacy, Accountability, Commitment, Communication, Integrity, Leadership, Visibility, Vision

Our Purpose

  • The purpose of the NNLC is to ensure that the Indian Health System Nursing Program representatives effectively participate in the establishment and implementation of Agency strategies to achieve the IHS mission.
  • To assure a unified nursing voice that promotes an effective Executive Healthcare Leadership Group.
  • To provide an advisory group to the Chief Nurse, and other IHS leadership on all Indian Health Systems nursing issues.
  • To promote professional standards, professional competencies and research.

Strategic Goals

  • Strategic Imperative I: There will be nursing leadership at all levels of decision making that affect Indian health care.
  • Strategic Imperative II: There will be a nursing budget identified within IHS, Tribal, and Urban programs.
  • Strategic Imperative III: The Indian health system's nursing profession will demonstrate outcome and impact to the Indian health system.
  • Strategic Imperative IV: There will be nursing specific retention and recruitment plan for the Indian health system's nursing program.
  • Strategic Imperative V: Nurses will partner with Tribal, State, private and professional communities to listen, communicate and educate, the value of the nursing profession and improving health care to the American Indian and Alaska Native population.