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NNLC membership is representative of nursing within the Indian heath system and includes nurses from public health, inpatient, outpatient, urban and tribal programs. Each of the twelve (12) IHS Area Nursing Councils has two NNLC representatives; one representative is the Area Nurse Consultant (if one exists for the Area) and one representative is selected by the Area Nursing Councils (two if no Area Nurse Consultant exists for that Area). The NNLC is also comprised of two (2) IHS Headquarters Division of Nursing Program Consultants, one advanced practice nurse, and one National Nurse Recruiter. The IHS Chief Nurse is an ex-officio member of the NNLC.

Headquarters CAPT Carol Lincoln Chief Nurse Officer, Director of Nursing Service 301-443-5070
Headquarters CAPT Tina Tah Sr. Nurse Consultant, Public Health Nursing 301-443-0576
Headquarters CAPT Deborah Price I.H.S. Chief Clinical Consultant for Advance Practice Nursing 602-263-1611
Headquarters CAPT Stacey Dawson Sr. Nurse Consultant, Women's Health 602-364-5155
Headquarters Ardith Aspaas Sr. Nurse Consultant, Emergency Medical Services 480-282-0187
Headquarters Jolene Tom Public Health Nurse Grant Program Consultant 301-945-3215
Albuquerque Olinka Foster Nurse Consultant 505-256-6730
Albuquerque Olowan De Herrera Public Health Nursing Consultant 505-256-6716
Bemidji Roberta Marsolek Interim Nurse Consultant 218-335-3377
Billings Carol Strasheim Nurse Consultant 406-247-71111
California Susan Ducore Nurse Consultant 916-930-3981
Great Plains Dayle Knutson Supervisory Nurse Consultant 605-380-9263
Great Plains CAPT Suzanne England MCH Nurse Consultant 605-496-8501
Nashville CAPT Max Boykin Nurse Consultant 615-467-1628
Navajo Johanna Gorman Bahe Interim Nurse Consultant 928-674-7251
Oklahoma CDR Susan Wood Nurse Consultant 405-951-3945
Phoenix Debra Ward Lund Nurse Consultant 602-364-5184
Phoenix CDR Loretta Haven Public Health Nursing Consultant 602-364-5161
Portland Tracy C. Nelson Nurse Consultant 503-839-1938