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HR Systems

The Indian Health Service uses a variety of human resources systems to manage its workforce, recruit and retain staff, maintain important HR records, and compensate staff. The primary systems used by IHS employees, and IHS HR and administrative staff, are included below with system descriptions and a link to the log on pages. Employees are encouraged to access the systems to review their leave and earning records, make certain payroll changes, and review their official personnel records.

Systems for Employees


A puzzle with one removed revealing Benjamin Franklin on the hundred dollar bill.

The myPay system allows employees to view their pay information, make pay-related changes and access their leave and earning and tax statements.

Go to myPay


A white puzzle with pieces missing to reveal a clock showing 8:00.

The Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS) records employees’ work schedules, additional hours worked, and all leave requests.

Go to ITAS


A key on a keyboard with LMS on it.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is used across HHS for tracking course registrations, completing mandatory and online trainings, and viewing training records.

Go to LMS


White puzzle pieces in a circle around the words Workers' Compensation.

The Employees' Compensation Operations and Management Portal (ECOMP) allows employees and supervisors to electronically file forms, upload documents, and track the status of their Workers' Compensation cases.



An electronic board projecting document icons and a file icon with a hand touching it.

The Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) system allows employees online access to their official documents such as personnel actions, position descriptions and more.

Go to eOPF


Puzzle pieces scattered around and a magnifying glass hovering over one that says Retirement Plan.

The Government Retirement and Benefits (GRB) system gives information on the total value of employee compensation and benefits. Learn how to create a GRB account and more on the GRB section of the HHS Intranet.

Go to GRB   Go to HHS Intranet

Systems for HR and Administrative Staff


Hands holding a virtual shield with a check mark in it.

E-Verify allows designated staff to confirm the eligibility of employees to work in the United States.

Go to E-Verify

Hiring Toolkit

A white puzzle with pieces missing to reveal a clock showing 8:00.

The IHS Hiring Toolkit Sharepoint site is a secure place to store, organize, and share information. (D1 credentials are required.)

Go to Hiring Toolkit


A notebook with Learning Management System written on it.

The Enterprise Human Capital Management (EHCM) system is used throughout HHS to process personnel actions and administer benefits.

Go to EHCM

HR Exchange

A window projecting virtual HR icons.

The HR Exchange is a customer-centric gateway for designated IHS employees to access HR information and actions.

Go to HR Exchange

USA Performance

Performance management files and people at a table from birds eye

USA Performance enables IHS to automate their performance appraisal process throughout the entire performance rating cycle.

Go to USAP

USA Staffing

An electronic board projecting document icons and a file icon with a hand touching it.

USA Staffing is used to recruit, evaluate, assess, certify, select, and onboard staff efficiently.

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