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Committee Leads

Role Name
Chair CAPT Cynthia Gunderson, PharmD
Vice Chair Dr. Geniel Harrison, MD
Secretary LCDR Kristin Allmaras, PharmD
Pain Management Dr. Geniel Harrison, MD
Pain Management/Acute Pain CAPT Aimee Young, PharmD
Pain Management/Dental CAPT Brandy Larson, DDS
Pain Management/Rehabilitation CAPT Molly Rutledge, MA, MS
Pain Management/Physical Therapy LCDR N. Kyle Mann PT, DPT, ATC, OCS
Treatment and Recovery LCDR Sherry Daker, PharmD
Treatment and Recovery CDR Teresa Grund, RPh
Treatment and Recovery CAPT Ted Hall
Harm Reduction CDR Samantha Gustafson, PharmD
Harm Reduction CDR Rebecca Geiger, PharmD
Harm Reduction/Injury Prevention CDR David Bales, CSP, MPH, REHS
Metrics/Technical Assistance Dr. Tamara James, PhD
Metrics/Technical Assistance CAPT John Lester, PharmD
Metrics/Technical Assistance CDR John Sickman
Communications LCDR Nicholas Cushman, PharmD
Workforce Development CDR Tincy Maroor, PharmD

The Executive Leadership Committee advising on direction, scope and activities consists of the HOPE Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and the following: