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Wellness Courts

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts, as part of a tribal justice system, integrate the wellness concept to meet a tribal community's substance abuse needs. By establishing a structured system and a high level of accountability for wellness court cases, tribal communities are provided opportunities to address local alcohol and substance abuse; this may include comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services and resources, immediate sanctions and incentives, team-based case management, and community support. Wellness courts use a multidisciplinary team-based approach (including, but not limited to judges, substance abuse treatment specialists, social workers, community leaders, and educational or employment counselors) to encourage offenders to challenge themselves and face their substance abuse issues.

Tribes can use Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: The Key Components as a guide in the development, implementation and expansion of tribal wellness courts. This document focuses on key components or "best practices" that can be individualized to best fit each tribal community's culture, traditions and goals. Through optimization of recommended best practices, a tribal community may establish and maintain a successful wellness court system that promotes individual, family, and community healing.

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Drug Court Resource

Drug Courts bring law, health, and other professionals together to help offenders confront substance abuse problems through treatment, education, training, and other support to break the cycle of use, violation, and judgment.