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Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

Prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) are state-run databases that collect data on controlled substances distributed in a state. The information from the databases is used to identify or deter prescription drug abuse and diversion. Forty-nine states have working PDMPs with the capacity to receive and distribute controlled substance prescription information to prescribers, dispensers, or law enforcement (as defined in state statute). It is important to have a working relationship with the PDMP in your state as there are significant interstate differences in PDMP access, distribution, and utilization.

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  at the Institute for Intergovernmental Research provides a comprehensive array of services, support, resources, and strategies to PDMPs, federal partners and other stakeholders to further the efforts and effectiveness of PDMPs in combating the misuse, abuse and diversion of controlled substances.

PDMP Purpose:

  1. Support access to legitimate medical use of controlled substances
  2. Identify, deter, or prevent drug abuse and diversion
  3. Facilitate the identification of persons addicted to prescription drugs,
  4. Educate individuals about PDMPs and the use, abuse and diversion of and addiction to prescription drugs.

PDMP Programs may provide the following information with variation from state to state:

Sample PDMP Report
Sample PDMP Report
  • Total number of prescriptions dispensed
  • Total number of prescribers
  • Total number of pharmacies used
  • Current quantity of opioids or controlled substances
  • Current Morphine Milligram Equivalent (MME)/day
  • 30 Day Average MME/day
  • Customized reports by user type
  • Summary data with patient reports
  • Data dashboards
  • Prescriber report cards
  • Statewide statistics
  • Lost/stolen prescription information
  • Clinical Alerts
  • Risk Scores
  • Overdose Reports
  • Multiple Provider Episodes
  • Drug trend reports
  • Geomapping of prescription data
  • State alerts such as Medical Marijuana card issuance
  • Evaluation Reports for Public, Legislature, etc.

Indian Health Service mandates participation with state PDMP for both prescribers and dispensers as detailed in IHS Policy.