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IHS PGY-2 Pharmacy Residency Application Checklist

IHS PGY-2 Pharmacy Residency Application Checklist

2017-2018 hiring cycle (for the 2018-2019 residency year)

Application deadline: Applications open 10/16/17. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV), transcripts, hiring preference and any other required forms must be uploaded on USAJobs by midnight Eastern time zone 12/15/2017. All supporting materials must also be emailed or time stamped / mail postmarked by Midnight 12/15/2017. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Process: Applicants who meet the 12/15/2017 deadline AND submit all required materials will be reviewed by an IHS Human Resource Specialist for suitability. If you are selected for interview, the Residency Program Director from the individual site(s) will likely contact you by late January 2018. Not all applicants will be granted interviews. IHS residency selections will be finalized in early February 2018, allowing applicants to remain in the ASHP Match process in the event of non-selection for an IHS residency. IHS residencies do NOT participate in the ASHP Match process.

Please read and follow all instructions very carefully. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application is complete. You will NOT be notified of an incomplete application. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. It is the applicant's responsibility to follow-up with the Residency Program Director at individual site(s) regarding emailed materials (items in Section A below). Other questions should be directed to the contacts listed at the end of this notice.

All applications will be considered for the Civil Service (or Tribal) employment system unless the applicant ALSO applies separately to the USPHS Commissioned Corps.
Application to the Corps is OPTIONAL - it is NOT required to apply for IHS residency. Corps applications will be made available only to resident selectees (not to all applicants).

To apply for the USPHS Commissioned Corps:
In the event that you are selected for an IHS Residency, and you wish to apply to the USPHS Commissioned Corps, the screening process will begin immediately upon residency selection. Your decision to apply to the Corps must be made by the first week of February 2018, prior to residency selection. To determine if you may be eligible for the Corps, please review the pre-screening questionnaire [PDF - 26 KB].

SECTION A. Submit the following documents (#1-6 below) via EMAIL directly to the Residency Program Director (RPD) at EACH facility to which you are applying.

Email addresses for individual Directors can be found on the "IHS Residency Site Selection" form (#3 below) or on the Residency Directors page.

  1. Letter of Intent, addressing why you wish to complete an IHS Residency (max 1 page, 12 point font, 1 inch margins).
  2. Technical (medical/scientific) writing sample from pharmacy school/professional career (ex. drug information response, Journal Club presentation/article review, DUER, formulary presentation, etc. Please refrain from Power Point presentations, as these are typically a framework for information and it is difficult to determine writing style and determine depth of comprehension of the material). This submission should be an individual effort, technical in nature, and not directed toward patient education or part of a group effort.
  3. Completed IHS Residency Site Selection 2018 PGY2 form [Excel - 30 KB]
  4. Completed PGY2 Prospective Resident Survey 2018 [PDF - 63 KB]
  5. Most current Curriculum Vitae
  6. Copy of current official or unofficial pharmacy school transcripts
  7. Most current performance evaluation documenting PGY1 residency progress, if still in residency. If PGY1 is completed, provide a copy of your Residency Completion Certificate.

SECTION B. USAJobs online application for Federal Employment

Fill out on-line USAJobs application between October 16, 2017 and December 15, 2017 APPLICATION LINK Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .  The following videos include guidance on how to use the IHS Jobs ( website and how to apply for jobs on Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  :

  1. Where to Search For IHS Jobs Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
  2. Important Documents, Forms and Qualifications Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
  3. Preparing Your Documents and USAJOBS Account Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
  4. Applying For One of Three Distinct Career Paths Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
  5. How to Monitor and Update Your Application on USAJOBS Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 

The applicant is responsible for ensuring the application is officially submitted. You will receive a notification or control number from USAJobs when you have fully completed the application. Incompletely submitted applications will not be considered. To complete the USAJobs application(s), you will need the following prepared in advance:

  1. Pharmacy school transcripts (unofficial is acceptable)
  2. Most current Curriculum Vitae (we suggest that you submit your CV instead of using the online "resume builder")
  3. Form BIA-4432 [PDF - 211 KB] (only if requesting consideration of Indian Preference for employment)

SECTION C. All materials must be postmarked by midnight December 15, 2017. These materials must be sent as one, complete packet. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Submit the following ORIGINAL documents (#1-2 below) to:

CAPT Rebecca Reyes, IHS Area Pharmacy Consultant
RE: PGY2 Pharmacy Residency Application
40 N. Central Ave, Suite 606
Phoenix, AZ 85004

  1. All applicants must provide FOUR completed PHS-1813 reference forms [PDF - 00 KB], regardless of whether or not you apply to the USPHS Commissioned Corps. These forms can be typed or handwritten. Instruct the author to sign across the closed seal of the envelope (in an effort to make it tamper evident) and return to you for inclusion in your completed application packet. They must be on the PHS-1813 form; do NOT staple; must be single sided (not double sided). If you later choose to apply to the Corps, these forms will fulfill the requirements of the PHS-50 application references.
  2. Completed IHS Residency Site Selection 2017 form (same as Section A #3 above)

For questions about items in Section A #1-7 contact CDR Rowdy Atkinson (

For questions about Section B: USAJobs application, please contact Angela Peshlakai (

For questions about items in Section C #1-2 above, please contact CAPT Rebecca Reyes (