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Injury Prevention

About Phoenix Area Injury Prevention Program

Injuries are the leading cause of death for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) from ages 1-44 years, and the third leading cause of death overall. Unintentional injury mortality rates for Indian people are approximately 2.5 times higher than the combined all-U.S. races rate. However, this disparity varies by IHS regional Area and by cause of injury (IHS, Indian Health Focus, Injuries, 2017).

Effective community-based injury prevention initiatives use multiple strategies to reduce and prevent injuries and fatalities. The Phoenix Area Injury Prevention Program promotes building the capacity of Tribes and communities by increasing understanding about the injury problem, sharing effective solutions, and assisting communities in implementing programs.

What we can do

We are the lead program to address the injury disparities on AI/AN communities within the Phoenix Area. We work with tribes and partners to reduce the disproportionate impact of injuries on Indian people.

  • Adopt the public heath approach to prevent injuries
  • Assist communities implement injury prevention programs
  • Support community-specific solutions
  • Facilitate capacity building
  • Share effective strategies
  • Build partnerships
  • Develop policy
  • Provide training

Contact Us

Program Manager
Robert Morones, MPH, RS/REHS
Eastern Arizona Coordinator
George Chung MPH, REHS

Reno District Coordinator
Martin Stephens, MPH, RS/REHS
Western Arizona Coordinator
Kayla Davis, MPH, RPES

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