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Nursing Program

The Phoenix Area provides culturally rich opportunities caring for American Indian/Alaska Native people. Here, you work with people who have close ties to the community and opportunities to learn about the rich traditions of the Phoenix Area Indian Tribes.

The Phoenix Area Nursing Program provides nursing services to 44 Native American tribes throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Nurses are the heartbeat of a hospital and clinic, and we do our best to keep our nurses' hearts beating happily and well. We provide nursing services in settings ranging from small rural clinics, Ambulatory Care Health Centers to full service hospitals. The majority of the facilities are located on reservations. We have many opportunities for clinical nurses in Ambulatory Care, Medical/Surgical Units, and Family Care Units. Additionally, we have opportunities for experienced registered nurses in ICU, OR, Special Procedures Unit, PACU, OB, Float Pool and ED.

The Phoenix Area Nursing program offers a variety of expanded roles for Registered Nurses such as Infection Control, Employee Health, Utilization Review, Quality Management, Case Management, Discharge Planning, Nursing and Patient Education, Nurse Informatics, Clinical Application Coordinators and Administrative roles.

The Public Health Nursing Program is a unique program that provides preventive services to patients in the home and community setting. Public Health Nurses are considered an important link between the community and the hospital or clinic.

There are also opportunities for the Advanced Practice Nurse throughout our hospitals and clinics. Nurses will have an exciting and unique experience caring for many different Native American tribes learning their culture and heritage.

Nurse Recruitment

By becoming a full-time member of our team of healthcare professionals, you'll enjoy: an attractive salary, growth opportunities and full benefits. Some of the benefits that you may be offered include night shift differentials, paid vacation, paid sick leave, holiday time off. Medical /dental/ vision/ life insurance options. In some cases, sign-on bonus, relocation assistance and retention bonuses are available

We have nurse recruiters available to assist potential applicants with finding a position at one of our facilities. Nurse Recruiters are also working with nursing programs on recruitment and retention strategies.

Current vacant job listings for the Phoenix Nursing program:

  • Click on Phoenix IHS Area to view their current job vacancy database or go to advanced search and list "Nurse". Each job listing usually has an icon to view specific Vacancy Announcements (please read the announcement as it provides application procedures).
  • If you are a non-Indian Preference candidate or not applying through the USPHS, then you must apply under the Direct Hire Authority (DHA) announcement.
  • Application forms are found at the bottom of each job listing page (note four icons).
  • Click, print, and complete all application forms and return to the Nurse Recruiter or contact indicated on the job listing.

Nurses hired at IHS operated facilities are employees of the Federal Government and can choose either civil service or Commissioned Corps employment systems.

  • For further information and application to USPHS Commissioned Corps go to:
  • Those applying for any RN / APN position must have a current, valid, unrestricted license in any state.
  • Recent graduated RN's or APN nurses must submit a copy of their final college transcript.
  • If you are applying for RN positions considered in any specialty areas such as OR, ER, ICU, L&D, and PHN, you must have at least one year work experience in the specified area of nursing to be qualified for consideration as an RN in the indicated specialty. If you are applying for a PHN position, you must have baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing.

Preference in hiring (IHS) is given to qualified American Indian/Alaska Native candidates in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, US Code, Section 472 NS473).

  • If there are no qualified Indian applicants, non-Indians will be given consideration.
  • Approximately 65% of the nurses working in IHS, Tribal and Urban programs are Native American Indians.

An IHS Loan Repayment Program (LRP) booklet and application can be obtained by calling 301-443-3396 or at the web site.


The Phoenix Area Nursing Program is supported by a strong nursing leadership organization, the Phoenix Area Council of Nurse Administrators (PACONA). The mission statement of PACONA is, "A network of nursing leaders providing a voice for Phoenix Area Nurses to maintain the integrity of nursing practice and to promote the delivery of quality nursing services to Indian/Tribal/Urban (I/T/U) communities."

Technical Assistance

The Phoenix Area Nurse Consultant is committed to working directly with Service Unit Nursing Programs promoting quality Nursing leadership and quality nursing care.

Available services include but are not limited to:

  • Provides consultation to program leaders on matters pertaining to nursing and the delivery of health care
  • Serves as a resource, advisor, facilitator, mentor for nurses and others
  • Acts as a liaison between state board of nursing and sites
  • Conveys established resources to promote nurse competency
  • Interprets and advises on nursing and other clinical scopes of work as appropriate
  • Evaluates nursing programs regarding:
    • Staffing
    • Quality and safety
    • Fiscal management
    • Accreditation and standards
    • Nurse satisfaction
  • Facilitates local reporting of vacancy and turnover data by I/T/U facilities
    • Analyzes data to identify at risk nursing programs, recognize trends, and recommend strategies to improve retention
    • Assists in scoring programs for loan repayment
    • Consults with service units on applicant qualifications and interview topics for key nursing administrative positions
  • Participates in succession planning
    • Identifies and mentors nurses demonstrating leadership potential
  • Networks with professional nursing organizations
  • Participates on nursing advisory groups, local, state, and national
  • Coordinates and facilitates the Phoenix Area Council of Nurse Administrators (PACONA)
  • Member of the Phoenix Area Senior Leadership team
  • Speaks as an authority for nursing, representing the largest workforce in the system

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