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DEHS Staff

Portland Area Acting DEHS Director

LCDR Shawn Blackshear
Environmental Health Officer
Phone: 509-865-6300, x6

Field Operations Point of Contact

LCDR Matthew Ellis, MPH, REHS
Institutional Environmental Health Officer / Emergency Management Coordinator Indian Health Service, Portland Area
Phone: 503-414-7788

LT Will Burrows
Environmental Health Officer
IHS Olympic District Office, W. Washington
Phone: 360-792-1235, Ext. 112

Ms. Lorna Morgan
IHS Spokane District Office, E. Washington/Idaho
Phone: 509-455-3514

LCDR Stephanie Coffey
Environmental Health Officer
Northwest Washington Indian Health Board Bellingham, WA
Phone: 360-647-9480

Mrs. Holly Thompson Duffy
Environmental Protection Specialist
IHS Integrated Pest Management Program
IHS Spokane District Office
Phone: 509-455-3539