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Director's Workgroup on Improving PRC


The purpose of the Director's Workgroup on Improving PRC (Workgroup) is to provide recommendations to the Indian Health Service (IHS) Director on strategies to improve and reform the Agency's PRC program. The Workgroup reviews input received to improve the PRC program; evaluates the existing formula for distributing PRC funds; and recommends improvements in the way PRC operations are conducted within the Indian Health Service (IHS) and the Indian health system. They are also responsible for looking at the FY 2001 CHS distribution formula to determine if changes are needed for the new funding beginning in FY 2011.


The Workgroup consists of two Tribal representatives from each of the 12 IHS Areas, meets 2-3 times per year.


The Workgroup submits formal recommendations to the IHS Director. Once approved, a Dear Tribal Leader Letter is issued to, communicate the actions and recommendations to the public.

Three rounds of recommendations have been issued:

Point of Contact

Felicia Roach, Acting Director
Division of Contract Care
Office of Resource Access and Partnerships
Phone: 301-443-0097

Director's Workgroup on Improving PRC Membership

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