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Resources: Regulations - 136.11

Code of Federal Regulations
Page 731
Title 42, Volume 1
Revised as of October 1, 2007

CITE: 42CFR136.11

Subpart B_What Services Are Available and Who Is Eligible To Receive Care?

§136.11 Services available.

  (a) Type of services that may be available. Services for the Indian community served by the local facilities and program may include hospital and medical care, dental care, public health nursing and preventive care (including immunizations), and health examination of special groups such as school children.
  (b) Where services are available. Available services will be provided at hospitals and clinics of the Service, and at contract facilities (including tribal facilities under contract with the Service).
  (c) Determination of what services are available. The Service does not provide the same health services in each area served. The services provided to any particular Indian community will depend upon the facilities and services available from sources other than the Service and the financial and personnel resources made available to the Service.

[Source: 64 FR 58319, Oct. 28, 1999, unless otherwise noted. Redesignated at 67 FR 35342, May 17, 2002.]