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IHS and the QPP

How does the QPP impact IHS?

The QPP impacts how the Agency participates in Medicare reporting and reimbursement.

Who should be aware of these changes?

IHS staff should be aware of the Medicare payment changes and requirements, especially staff that deal with Medicare reimbursements and reporting, including: clinicians, administrators, information technology staff, business office staff, quality improvement teams, and other stakeholders. For more information about the IHS roles and responsibilities in implementing the QPP at IHS sites, please refer to the QPP IHS Roles and Responsibilities [PDF - 88 KB]. This is historical information that provides guidance in planning for data extraction and QPP reporting.

IHS Resources

The following resources are available to help IHS programs prepare for QPP reporting:

Preparing for the Quality Payment Program – IHS Memo [PDF - 160 KB] (January 6, 2017)

Quality Payment Program - IHS Preparation [PDF - 911 KB] (August 2016)

Please contact us for more information on how to meet measures using RPMS/EHR.

IHS Presentations

For reference purposes, historical IHS Presentations on Medicare Changes and QPP reporting are archived in the sections below. 

Webinar Series

For reference purposes, historical QPP Webinars are archived in the sections below.

The Quality Payment Program 2021 and 2022 training materials can be accessed at the RPMS Recording and Material Library. See Instructions to Access the RPMS Recording Material Library. Once the library is accessed, under “Category” select “Role-based” and “RPMS Application” and under the “Keyword(s)” section type “QPP” and search.