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A man and woman looking at a teleeducation presentation

Tele-education, otherwise known as distance learning, is a method to deliver education and training to learners across electronic learning and teaching systems.

IHS utilizes tele-education to deliver national continuing education programming to medical and behavioral health providers working in the IHS, Tribal, and Urban (I/T/U) Indian Health system.

There are many benefits to tele-education, such as:

  • Low Cost: Saves money for the learners that would be spent on travel and lodging.
  • Decreases provider isolation: Allows connection to other providers across the I/T/U system.
  • Flexibility: Distance learners are able to access at their convenience.
  • Decreases interruptions to patient care.
  • Options: Allows learners more access to different courses and topics beyond what may only be available in their region.

What services does the TBHCE Tele-Education Program Provide?

  • Archived Webinars: Allow I/T/U providers to access past webinar trainings and to search by topic.
  • On Demand Training: Trains I/T/U providers (using a self-paced format) on high priority behavioral health and medical topics.
  • Conference and Meeting Live Streaming: Allows people to learn of upcoming streamed events and to view archived streamed events.
  • Training and Meeting Hosting Requests:The TBHCE Tele-education staff are available to host webinars, virtual meetings, and streaming services.