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Posting / Publishing a Catalog

Warning: All new courses and courses that have been copied from other catalogs should be reviewed and approved before publication.

Once all of the associated courses are approved for a catalog, it is possible to publish the catalog to the Internet. Publication gives all personnel access to the catalog, but it doesn't stop you from later adding courses to the catalog. Follow these steps to publish the catalog:

  1. Click the “Administration” tab in main navigation
  2. Under the Administration tab, click “Catalog” to go to the Admin Catalog page
  3. In the “View Previous Year” tool on the right side of the page, select the Year of the catalog for publication
  4. Click the “go” button to open the catalog for publication
  5. Click the “Publish Catalog” button

Note: Before final publication of a catalog, the CDE system generates a report indicating any schedule conflicts including the instructor's name, the course number, and the course number with which the conflict occurred. In keeping with the concept of a mixed-initiative application, schedule conflicts must be handled offline. If conflicts exist, follow these steps to resolve:

  • Print the report
  • Cancel the publication process
  • Contact the instructors involved and assist them in finding resolutions

Once all conflicts are resolved, repeat steps 1 - 5 and continue to step 6

  1. At the bottom of the report, click the “Publish Catalog” button

All course statuses of “Final” are changed to “Available” and the courses become viewable online. In addition, this catalog becomes the default for everything in the application. This includes all views on all pages. Previous catalogs are still available to view, but courses cannot be selected from them.