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Tracking Registration Status

The My Staff page lists all of a Supervisor's personnel and the courses that they have requested and registered for in an easy to follow format. The Status associated with each course indicates if the person is “Registered” for the course. It also shows other statuses that may occur in the request / approval / tracking process. The statuses that a Supervisor can expect include the following:

  • Pending – when approval requested
  • Approved – when registration request is approved for a course
  • Denied – when registration request is denied approval for a course
  • Registered – when registered for a course (this status is assigned by the CDE system lottery process)
  • Waitlisted – when on the waiting list for a course (this status is assigned by the CDE system lottery process)
  • Attending – when attendance is confirmed for a course
  • Not Attending – when attendance not possible in a course
  • Completed – when course requirements are complete and attendance is recorded

Note: Supervisors may also need to change the status of a staff member for a course.

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