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Adverse Drug Events

Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) ( See Adverse Drug Event Terms and Definitions) should be documented in the patient’s medical record. If the ADE is serous or unexpected, ( See Definition of Serious Adverse Drug Event) it will be reported to the MedWatch reporting program or the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as described in the Indian Health Manual.

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Documenting Common ADEs

Man on the phone looking at a pill bottle with concern

Learn how to document common Adverse Drug Events in the IHS RPMS-EHR.

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Documenting Serious or Unexpected ADEs

Pills spilled on a multi-colored distressed surface

Learn how to document serious or unexpected ADEs in the IHS Adverse Reaction Tracking System.

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Why Report Serious ADEs to MedWatch

Blocks with FDA Recall on them

Learn what MedWatch is and why it's important to report Adverse Drug Events to the FDA.

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Reporting ADEs to MedWatch

A form with hand and pencil.

Learn about the three options for Adverse Drug Events to MedWatch.

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Vaccine Safety

Vaccine vials and syringe

Learn the Diffrence Between Common and Serious Vaccine Adverse Events

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Reporting Adverse Vaccine Events

A woman receiving a vaccination

Learn how to report a Vaccine Adverse Event using the VAERS online tool.

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