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How to Handle Drug Recalls

Actions taken by a drug manufacturer and overseen by the FDA to remove a drug from the market to reduce the risk of adverse events. Recalls can occur for many reasons. Some recalls may result from minor labeling violations while others may occur due to impurities in the medication or a risk of life-threatening adverse events. Recent medication recalls can be found on the FDA website Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .

FDA Recall Letter Templates

Use these templates created in MS Word to inform your patients about any FDA Medication Recall that affects them.

FDA Recall: Do Not Stop Taking Medication FDA Recall: Stop Taking Medication

The Medication Recall Process

1. Medication Recall Initiated. 2.FDA and Drug Manufacturers develop a recall strategy. 3. IHS Vendor Notifies IHS. 4. National Supply Service Center notifies service units. 5. Service units follow IHS Indian Health Manual procedures.