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Mission Statement

Our mission at the National Supply Service Center (NSSC) is to provide supply support to federal, tribal, and urban Indian Health care facilities. In addition, our mission is to supply support to programs in the Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service, and numerous facilities and programs in most other IHS Areas around the country.

The National Supply Service Center have a responsibility to reach anyone federal, tribal, and urban who purchases supplies and pharmaceuticals from any source around the country. As a National program for Indian Health Service we have made this our primary goal.

General Information

The National Supply Service Center (NSSC) is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The facility was established in Ada, Oklahoma as the Central Supply Service Center in 1981, and changed to the Regional Supply Service Center in 1991. In the year 2001 it made its transformation to the National Supply Service Center and in 2007 moved from facilities in Ada, OK to Oklahoma City, where we are at the present.

The NSSC is involved in Indian Health Service (IHS) and Tribal Health Care facilities nationwide. The National Supply Service Center coordinates and manages the purchase and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical, and other health care related supply items. NSSC also coordinates and manages the purchase and distribution of national program specific supply items to IHS and Tribal health care facilities and programs nationwide. The National Supply Service Center is a program that provides advice, consultation, and assistance to IHS and any Tribal facilities on supply management issues.

In our continuous efforts to improve the overall operations of the NSSC we are currently in the process of changing from a warehouse-based inventory distribution operation to a commercial-based delivery operation. This will allow the NSSC to streamline suppliers, give direct access to product availability and improve the overall reduction in administrative and operating costs to our customers. We also plan to expand the use of other programs available to government organizations. We are gratified that customers recognize NSSC’S reliability as a supplier of Pharmaceutical, medical-surgical, lab, x-ray and dental supplies. We have been taking necessary steps to ensure that our customers will continue to conduct business as usual without disruption to normal day to day operations.

For over 25 years the NSSC has lead the way in providing quality service and products for Indian Health Service, Tribal, and Urban (I/T/U) facilities through out the country. In 1981, the NSSC opened its doors in Ada, OK as the Central Supply Service Center (CSSC) for the Oklahoma City Area. The CSSC streamlined the Warehouse Distribution process for the Area by assuming responsibility for supplying medical/surgical supplies, Office Supplies, Forms, and Pharmaceuticals to all Oklahoma City Area facilities. By 1991, the CSSC streamlined the process again and became the Regional Supply Service Center (RSSC). This expanded it’s duties to facilities outside the Oklahoma City Area. In 1993 the NSSC underwent a change and through the Chickasaw Nation began construction of a new state of the art facility which was completed in 1994. This facility, a 35,000 square foot Warehouse Distribution Center, increased the services available to the IHS by offering more products and services than ever before. In 2000 the RSSC became the National Supply Service Center (NSSC) for the Indian Health Service and extended its services to over 200 facilities in 33 different states. Today the NSSC serves as the Distribution Warehouse and Supply Distribution Management Center for the Agency by providing supply support service and approximately $93 million in supplies annually to 21 IHS Federal and Tribal Hospitals, and 235 other IHS, Federal, Tribal, and Urban Healthcare Centers, Clinics, Area Offices, Tribal Offices, and Programs located in 34 states across the country representing all 12 IHS Areas.

The NSSC continues to be committed to providing superior service and products while saving the Agency millions of dollars annually through numerous programs. Programs like the Pharmacy Prime Vendor Program (PPV) which saves the agency $50+ million annually by utilizing VA Pharmacy Prime Vendor Program. The NSSC implemented the PPV and continues to coordinate the program while protecting the integrity of the contract for the Agency. We also save the Agency another $11+ million annually through Incentive Agreements on pharmaceuticals that are implemented by our staff and made available to all facilities who utilize the PPV. The Annual Purchase Program helps to provide numerous specialized and unique products such as the influenza vaccine. This involves months of planning, coordination, and communication, but ensures timely delivery and the best price available. Facilities that get the vaccine through the NSSC have received the product well ahead of the national average for the last two years.

The Diabetic Supply Program saves the agency $1+ million annually by using NSSC negotiated Incentive Agreements on diabetic specialty products. Our Strategic Stockpile Procurement Program stands ready to meet the Agency’s needs in the toughest of times by procuring and coordinating purchases on products that are unavailable to the private sector and in quantities to help support the entire agency. The NSSC is currently working on securing products to be utilized for a Flu Pandemic Plan. These are just a few of the services provided by the NSSC that dramatically affect the Agency budget and needs.