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Office Of The Director

The Office of the Director is a multifaceted department; it is a department that oversees the facility operation. The scope of this department includes Area program management responsibilities, NSSC facility operation, and supply service support to IHS and Tribal health care facilities and programs throughout the nation.

Pharmacy Support Branch

The Pharmacy Support Branch oversees and augments all components of the IHS pharmaceutical distribution management program.

Financial Management Branch

The Financial Management Branch maintains funds control through budgeting and accounting. This department prepares monthly billing invoices for customers and provides support on financial matters.

Inventory Management Branch

The Inventory Management Branch determines and manages stores stock inventory levels; it identifies stock replenishment requirements on a continuing basis to assure that supplies are available to meet Area and National requirements on a timely basis. This department develops systems for the control of inventory assuring quality in the storage, handling, distribution, and documentation of the inventory. Inventory Management also identifies supplies to be stocked at the National Supply Service Center through coordination with Service Unit health professionals, product evaluation committees, and Area Program Management officials.

General Contracts Branch

The General Contracts Branch purchases all National Supply Service Center stock and related services through formal and informal negotiations with Federal and private industry suppliers and manufacturers, fulfilling purchasing within Area and Federal Procurement Regulations and Policies. This department participates along with Area Standardization Committees to advise on item specifications, quality complaints and source of supply. It administers a procurement cycle to coincide with the needs of the NSSC for the replenishment of stock on a timely and scheduled basis. The General Contracts Branch also monitors direct issue purchasing by Service Unit Purchasing Agents and provide review assistance and/or direct support where necessary.

Special Contracts Branch

The Special Contracts Branch procures all special or time-based requirements needed for the operation of the National Supply Service Center, such as equipment, services, personal services, etc. This department also handles the specialized services such as Prime Vendor Program for Pharmacy and the Diabetics Programs.

Distribution Center Branch

The Distribution Center Branch at the National Supply Service Center directs and manages the receipt of supplies, schedules and/or shipment of supplies to all NSSC customers. This department determines the most economical and efficient method of shipment or delivery, and establishes and maintains an ongoing safety program for the National Supply Service Center.


Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Program

Federal, Tribal, and Urban facilities can order drugs and pharmaceuticals using computers located in their pharmacies. The orders are routed electronically through the NSSC for funding, processing, and payment to the prime vendor. The pharmaceuticals are delivered direct to the facility from the prime vendor. Click on the program heading for more details.

NSSC Warehouse Distribution Program

National Programs

The NSSC operates three national programs where specific supply items may be ordered by all IHS Federal, Tribal, and Urban facilities throughout the country.

  • Azithromycin Program - Facilities may obtain Azithromycin at no cost when used for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Influenza Program - The NSSC consolidates influenza virus vaccine requirements from all across IHS. Quantities are provided to the VA to be included in their National Contract. The vaccine is normally delivered to NSSC customers weeks before it is distributed to the private sector. The NSSC distributed 179,050 doses of vaccine during the 2004-2009 flu season.

Diabetic Program

Annual Purchase Program

Certain supply items such as flu vaccine, dental crowns etc., can be ordered annually. Requirements are gathered from all customers and consolidated for purchasing. This often results in lower prices for customers due to larger quantities being bought. NSSC customers are often able to get flu vaccine approximately one month before private healthcare providers and at the lowest cost in the nation.

Drop-Shipment Program

Certain bulky supply items such as toilet paper, paper towels, packs & gowns, etc., are purchased from the manufacturer or distributor and drop-shipped direct to hospitals. This reduces shipping charges and inventory costs.

Product Evaluation And Standardization Program

The NSSC coordinates several Product Evaluation Committees composed of customer representatives for the purpose of evaluating and standardizing products to be stocked. Emphasis is placed on health care needs, cost effectiveness, and safety. This process ensures state-of-the-art products will be stocked and available for use by healthcare professionals and other customers.

Product Quality Assurance Program

The NSSC conducts a product quality complaint reporting program where customers can report problems experienced with the quality of items obtained from the NSSC. Corrective actions are taken promptly to resolve quality concerns.