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Office of the Director Robert Hayes NSSC Director 405-951-6079
Office of the Director Andrea Klimo Deputy Director of Operations 405-951-6044
Office of the Director Matthew Miller Deputy Director of Field Operations 405-951-6090
Office of the Director Kimberlee Bourgeois Customer Service 405-951-6076
Quality Assurance/Medical Support Branch Timothy Cardenaz Supervisor, Quality Assurance/Medical Support Branch 405-951-3956
Pharmacy Support Branch Weston Thompson Supervisor, Pharmacy Support Branch 405-951-3996
Financial Management Branch Christi Thomas Supervisory Accountant, Financial Management Branch 405-951-3770
Contracting & Acquisitions Branch Edward Yellowfish Supervisory Contract Specialist - Acquisitions Management Branch 405-951-6032
Distribution Center Roy Kickapoo Supervisor, Warehouse Branch 405-951-6092