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Time and Attendance

sThe Integrated Time and Attendance System (commonly known as ITAS) is IHS’s time and attendance system. It records employees’ work schedules, additional hours worked, and all leave requests. It is important that all timekeeping information is correctly maintained and reviewed in ITAS by employees, timekeepers/Administrative Officers and leave approving officials since the information in ITAS directly affects employees’ compensation.

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ITAS Features

An employee can:

  • Verify their timecard
  • Request leave
  • Donate Leave to the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP)
  • Download Reports on their individual time and attendance

A timekeeper or Administrative Officer can act on behalf of an employee and:

  • Create leave request
  • Update profiles
  • Add premium pay to timecards
  • Change tours of duty
  • Download reports
  • Manage timecards

A Leave Approving Official (LAO) can:

  • Approve/deny leave and tour of duty change requests
  • Review timecards
  • Download reports
  • Designate Alternates


Additional help?

Please contact your local timekeeper or your supervisor.