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Adding a Comment

Comments can be added to the course details at any time. These comments can impart specific instructions or assignments to students. They can also greet students immediately after registration or indicate changes in the original course information. To add a comment to the course detail, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Administration” tab in main navigation
  2. Under the Administration tab, click the “Catalog” link to go to the Admin Catalog page
    Image of c.d.e. navigation bar with administration tab highlighted as discussed in text
  3. On the Admin Catalog page, locate the course to which you want to add the comment
  4. Click the Course Number to go to the Course Detail page
    Image of admin catalog page with courses highlighted as discussed in steps 3 and 4
  5. Near the bottom of the Course Detail page, click the “Add Comment” link to go to the Add Comment form
    Image of course detail page with add comment link highlighted as discussed in step 5
  6. Enter the appropriate information in the Add Comment form
  7. Click the “Submit” button to add the comment to the course information
    Image of add comment form with text area and submit button highlighted as discussed in steps 6 and 7