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Course Administration


“Course Administration” is the general term for all activities that directly affect a course and its details as displayed on the Catalog page and the Course Detail page. All of the following actions are part of Course Administration:

Adding a Course after catalog publication, Adding instructors to a course, Requesting updates of course details, Adding / updating course details,Identifying the audience, Determining credits (hours), Determining tuition, Changing the course director, Adding a comment, Deleting a comment, Uploading course materials, and Changing course status

The Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Administrator can use the CDE web site to perform all of these tasks. These tasks were incorporated into the CDE Administrator capabilities to allow the CDE Administrator to assist Instructors and Course Directors.


To perform these tasks the CDE Administrator uses the following pages within the CDE web site:

  • CDE Home to login
  • Admin Catalog to begin Course Administration tasks
  • Add Course to create new courses
  • Copy Courses to copy courses from the current catalog or a previous catalog into the current catalog
  • Edit Course to add Instructors to a course, request updates, add / update course details, identify audiences, determine credits and tuitions, change Course Directors when needed, and change course status
  • Course Detail to add and delete comments, and upload course materials

To view the details of a task, click the link in the task list on the right side of this page.