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Course Status Overview

Note: Only the CDE Administrator can directly change a Course Status.

The course status identifies the availability of a course to all personnel. For this reason, the actions of the CDE Administrator and the Course Director / Instructor can change the course status. The CDE system automatically updates the course status when appropriate actions are taken. The actions and their results are:

  • CDE Administrator Actions
    • add or copy a course (Status: New)
    • assign a Course Director (Status: Pending)
    • send the course details out for review (Status: Review)
    • publish the catalog - affects all “Final” courses (Status: Available)
    • add the course after catalog publication, during pre-lottery nomination, or when course has not reached its maximum quota during open registration (Status: Available)
  • Course Director / Instructor Actions
    • accept a course by editing it (Status: Accepted)
    • approve the course for publication (Status: Final)
  • Course Director / Instructor or CDE Administrator Actions
    • cancel the course (Status: Cancelled)
    • input attendance and indicate course completed (Status: Completed)
  • System Actions
    • After lottery runs, course reaches maximum quota (Status: Full)
    • After course end date (Status: Completed) [?]