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Contacting a Student

There are several reasons for contacting students, such as:

  • 12-Week notifications (Required)
  • Opening other courses with the same content
  • Enhancing the learning experience

Typically, it is the responsibility of the Course Director to contact students with information concerning a course. However, should it become necessary for the Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Administrator to contact students using email, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Administration” tab in main navigation
  2. Under the Administration tab, click “Instructors / Course Directors” to open the Admin Instructors / Course Directors page
  3. On the Admin Instructors / Course Directors page, click the letter corresponding to the last name of the Instructor / Course Director in charge of the course for which you must contact the students
  4. Click the appropriate Course Number to go to the Course Detail page
  5. On the Course Detail page, perform one of the following:
    • To email registered students, click the “Email Registered Students” link under the Registered Students list
    • To email waitlisted students, click the “Email Waitlisted Students” link under the Waitlisted Students list
    • To send a predefined 12-week notification, click the “Send 12-week notification” link under the Registered Students list

Note: Clicking any of the mentioned links will open a new message in the default email program with students' and supervisors' email addresses pre-typed

  1. Enter the message that you want to send to the indicated students (you can even change the pre-defined 12-week notification message)
  2. Click the “Send” button to send the email

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