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Finding a Report

To find a report, navigate to the page that involves the type of information the report should contain. For example, a report concerning staff contact information would be found on the My Staff page (for staff that the user directly supervises) or on the Admin Staff page (for Division-wide staff). As another example, a report containing information about persons enrolled in a specific course would be found on the Course Detail page for that course. The “Reports” list on the right side of the page will contain any “canned” reports associated with that page. A partial list of the available reports and their locations includes:

Page Report(s)

My Staff

Completed Courses, Attending Courses, Selected Courses, No Courses, Attending Courses (next 12 weeks)


Staff CDE Report

Admin Staff

Course Activity Summary

Course Detail

Registered Students Contact Info, Waitlisted Students Contact Info, Certificates

Note: The reports on some of these pages are restricted to specific access levels.