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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Codes Committee

The Codes Committee consists of five members appointed by the DES Director (AHJ). All members are registered professional architects and/or engineers with specific training and experience in implementing and interpreting the applicable codes. Appointments to the Committee are for two-year terms. Current Committee members include:

  • Nick Lu, SE (Chairperson)
  • Steven Anderson, PE (Vice Chairperson)
  • James Aberle, AIA
  • Paul Ninomura, PE
  • Samuel Vega-Cotto, PE

When faced with interpretation questions relating to IHS facilities and projects, IHS Staff and Tribal representatives may request a formal interpretation by the AHJ. Requests should be routed through the Area Facilities Manager and/or Safety Officer to the DES Director (AHJ). The standard protocol for responding to interpretation requests is for the Committee Chair to confirm receipt of the request within 14 days. The confirmation will provide an estimated timeframe for issuance of the interpretation and may ask for additional information necessary to complete the interpretation. Interpretations should be rendered within 28 days after receipt of all necessary information, and can be expedited when timing is critical.

More detailed information regarding Committee organization and protocols may be found in OEHE Technical Handbook Chapter 4-3 Codes Committee Organization. [PDF - 218 KB].

The following interpretations have been previously issued by the AHJ:

Interpretation TopicInterpretation NumberIssue Date
Cass Lake Hospital Door Assessment DES CCD 2017.002 [PDF - 111 KB] 02/07/2017
Dental Nitrous Oxide Use and Building Occupancy DES CCD 2017.001 [PDF - 110 KB] 02/01/2017
Water Supply for Fire Hydrants DES CCD 2015.002 [PDF - 127 KB] 09/22/2015
Critical Care Services Room Size Deviation DES CCD 2015.001 [PDF - 59 KB] 05/13/2015
Building Separation and Exits DES CCD 2014.001 [PDF - 87 KB] 01/14/2015
Fire Flow and Water Storage Requirements at Kayenta Hospital DES CCD 2013.002 [PDF - 430 KB] 11/19/2013
Locked Doors Within a Means of Egress DES CCD 2013.001 [PDF - 197 KB] 09/30/2013
Barrow Hospital NEC Variance Request DES CCD 2011.001 [PDF - 118 KB] 04/21/2011
Fire Protection Water Flow Standards DES CCD 2006.001 [PDF - 115 KB] 06/19/2006
Residential Fire Sprinklers DES CCD 2005.001 [PDF - 82 KB] 11/28/2005
Health care and business mixed occupancies DES CCD 2004.001 [PDF - 41 KB] 02/13/2004
Existing corridor doors blocking egress width DES CCD 1999.006 [PDF - 73 KB] 10/22/1999
Suspended acoustical tile ceilings in smoke barriers DES CCD 1999.002 [PDF - 79 KB] 10/15/1999
Unoccupied spaces opening into exit enclosure DES CCD 1999.007 [PDF - 73 KB] 08/19/1999
Mechanical rooms opening into egress stairs DES CCD 1999.005 [PDF - 73 KB] 08/19/1999
Protected separation of hospital and central plant DES CCD 1999.008 [PDF - 73 KB] 08/12/1999
Water fountain accessibility DES CCD 1999.001 [PDF - 79 KB] 06/03/1999
Fire protection sprinklers in storage areas DES CCD 1999.003 [PDF - 80 KB] 05/20/1999
Locker spaces near food preparation areas DES CCD 1999.004 [PDF - 71 KB] 05/20/1999
Sprinkler protection in attic spaces DES CCD 1998.002 [PDF - 88 KB] 04/30/1998
Liquid petroleum gas appliances in basements DES CCD 1998.001 [PDF - 82 KB] 03/12/1998
Code edition and chapter to be used in major renovations DES CCD 1997.006 [PDF - 98 KB] 10/14/1997
Dental suite exit requirements DES CCD 1997.005 [PDF - 81 KB] 08/29/1997
Medical Records construction requirements DES CCD 1997.003 [PDF - 93 KB] 06/12/1997
NFPA 99 Requirements for laboratories DES CCD 1997.004 [PDF - 93 KB] 06/12/1997
Horizontal exit and fire/smoke damper requirements in existing health care occupancies DES CCD 1997.002 [PDF - 94 KB] 05/06/1997
Combustible wood stud partitions in Health Care occupancies DES CCD 1997.001 [PDF - 89 KB] 01/23/1997
Second means of egress from second floor DES CCD 1996.001 [PDF - 89 KB] 06/11/1996
Medical gas cylinder valve manual shut off DES CCD 1995.001 [PDF - 84 KB] 03/14/1995
Suburban Dynaline package terminal air conditioners with gas heat in Nursing Homes DES CCD 1994.001 [PDF - 82 KB] 11/10/1994