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Health Systems Planning Process Database Installation

Important Notes On HSP 2014b Downloading And Setup

To download HSP2014b and install the system on your PC follow these steps:

  1. Download the file named HSP2014bSetup.exe [EXE - 56 MB] by right-clicking on the file name and choosing either the Copy to Folder... or the Save Link As... option.
    NOTE: If this is the first time the HSP has been installed to your PC, you must first download and install HSP 2009. It is available here: HSP2009_setup.exe [EXE - 48 KB]
  2. Save the file in a temp directory on your C: drive or on your PC’s ‘Desktop’.
  3. HSP no longer requires you to remove earlier versions of the system before you install the latest version. This allows you to work on and complete a project developed in an earlier version before you export it and import it into the latest version. However, certian features of file created on previously versions of HSP do not directly convert to the new version. Import the file, and the manually adjust new
  4. If you have a DRAFT version of HSP2014a on your PC you will need to remove it, by removing the 2014 folder from your local drive where you house your Indian Health Service file folder. (C:\Program Files\Indian Health Service)
    NOTE: Depending on how your PC is configured you may need to contact your IT department (or someone with Administrator Access) to assist in installing the system on your PC.
  5. Install HSP2014 by double clicking on the ‘HSP2014_setup.exe’ file you saved from the web.
  6. The system’s ‘Install Wizard’ will lead you through the install procedure.
  7. Open HSP2014 using the shortcut placed on your desktop by the ‘Install Wizard.’