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Purpose Area 2

IHS has awarded 8 projects under DVPI Purpose Area 2 [PDF - 21 KB] to provide forensic healthcare services. Funded projects address the following eight broad objectives:

  • Expand available medical forensic services to victims of domestic and sexual violence;
  • Foster coalitions and networks to improve coordination and collaboration among forensic healthcare programs to ensure adequate services exist either on-site or by referral for victims of domestic and sexual violence 24/7 year round;
  • Educate and train providers to conduct medical forensic examinations;
  • Promote community education on available medical forensic services;
  • Improve health system organizational practices to improve medical forensic services and care coordination among victim services;
  • Establish local health system policies for sexual assault, domestic violence, and child maltreatment;
  • Integrate culturally appropriate treatment services throughout the medical forensic examination process; and
  • Implement trauma informed care interventions to support victims and their children.