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The EEO Complaint Process - eFile System

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The Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity Staff is to ensure that the rights of employees and applicants are protected and that the agency promotes a proactive equal employment opportunity program, to ensure that IHS' goal of a diverse workplace is achieved.

The professional staff in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) offices across the IHS are responsible for coordinating the conduct of the fact-finding process for all discrimination/ harassment/ sexual harassment allegations from employees in work areas under the jurisdiction if the EEO office. Fact-finding will begin within 3 working days after the EEO receives notification of alleged harassment/ discrimination. This includes designating management officials to assist in the fact-finding and/investigatory process of an alleged incident.

The purpose of the EEO Counseling inquiry is to obtain information regarding the claim(s), address jurisdictional questions, and respond to the AP's requested remedy. The EEO Counselor should interview persons who can provide information that is relevant to the claim(s), settlement, and jurisdictional questions. The EEO counseling inquiry is not an "investigation"" nor is it intended to resolve disputed facts, rather, it is simply gathering information necessary for the EEO Counselor to assist the parties in resolving the matter.

The EEO Specialist will forward the list of documents requested by the investigator relevant OPDIV officials. Upon receipt of the request from the OPDIV EEO Agency officials will immediately begin to assemble the requested documents. The documents will be provided to the investigator within 15 days of receipt of the request by the Agency official. On the e-File site, you have been provided a written statement of your rights and responsibilities within the complaint process by the EEO counselor.

Find an EEO Manager /EEO Specialist in your area.
Access the HHS-760 Initial Intake Form.

Headquarters complaints "Intake" forms will be sent directly to:
(The completed and signed form can be submitted via online, mailed or faxed to your Area EEO Manager)