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Workplace Harassment

Individuals who seek to report an allegation of workplace harassment should contact their Area/Headquarters EEO office.

Points of Contact

Donovan Wright
Phone: 605-226-7518
Fax: 605-226-7304

Lorrie Wolf
Phone: 406-247-7125
FAX: 406-247-7143

Great Plains
Donovan Wright
Phone: 605-226-7518
Fax: 605-226-7304

Tilda Smith
Phone: 928-871-1304
FAX: 928-871-5872

Western Region
(Portland Area, California Area, Alaska Area)
Heidi Hulsey
Phone: 503-414-7745
FAX: 503-414-7741

Southeast Region
(Oklahoma City Area, Albuquerque Area, Nashville Area)
CDR Lenora Littledeer
Phone: 405-951-6010
FAX: 405-951-3943

George Patton
Phone: 602-364-5277
FAX: 602-364-5259

Annette Koenneker
Phone: 520-295-2405
FAX: 520-295-2602

Tabatha Holloway
Phone: 301-348-3342
FAX: 301-443-0096

You can find the new Workplace Harassment directive at Indian Health Manual Part 11 Chapter 6

IHS Anti-harassment policy statement [PDF - 170 KB]