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Reporting Requirements

Reporting requirement resource:  Hospital Letter from Vice President Pence [Requires IHS Network Access]


4/21/2020: FEMA reporting: Accounts have been created with HHS, the POC's for your site should have received an email with a unique link to input data into the HHS online portal.  Please contact  Maureen James-Caires and Vanessa Vicenti if you have not yet received the email with the unique link. 

4/17/2020: Please do not submit spreadsheets to FEMA as initially requested.  It appears there were changes in reporting processes for FEMA, they are now requiring data be inputted using the new HHS online portal; Some sites may have received an email from FEMA with a unique link to input information, please use this link for your daily submissions.  For sites that did not receive an email from FEMA, HQ has been made aware of this issue and is working with FEMA to obtain access for your site.  Please be on the lookout for an email with your facility's unique link for FEMA reporting in the coming days.

4/16/2020: Email sent to all Abbott POC's from Gene Robinson on Issues identified with FEMA reporting:  Issues With Sending Abbott Testing Data to FEMA-HHS Email Address [Requires IHS Network Access]

All sites who received Abbott ID NOW analyzers or reagents through IHS under the agreement between HHS and Abbott are required to report to the two (2) following locations daily:

  • Indian Health Service: Reporting will be performed using the IHS Mapping Tool.  The IHS Mapping Tool has been assigned users by your CEO's, Health Directors, or other appropriate level authority to make assignments for your Area.  Please contact your local leadership to determine who has been designated as the POC for the IHS Mapping Portal and provide them the daily information for the Abbott ID NOW testing.

The IHS Mapping Portal reporting includes the following:

  • ABBOTT New Diagnostic Tess Ordered/Received
  • ABBOTT Cumulative Diagnostic Tests Ordered/Received
  • ABBOTT New Test Resulted
  • ABBOTT Cumulative Specimens Rejected
  • ABBOTT Cumulative Test Performed
  • ABBOTT New Positive COVID-19 Tests
  • ABBOTT Cumulative Positive COVID-19 Tests
  • ABBOTT % Positive among the new resulted tests
  • ABBOTT Cumulative % Positive among the resulted tests
  • FEMA: Reporting will be performed using the HHS online portal.  A unique link will be sent to the POC's listed under your Area for the specified facility.  The POC will be responsible for submitting data daily to FEMA until otherwise instructed by IHS or HHS.

The HHS Online Portal reporting includes the following:

  • New Diagnostic tests ordered/received
  • Cumulative diagnostic tests ordered/received
  • New tests resulted
  • Cumulative tests resulted
  • New positive COVID-19 tests
  • Cumulative positive COVID-19 tests
  • New negative COVID-19 tests
  • Cumulative negative COVID-19 tests