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Employment Requirements

Full-Time Clinical Practice

LRP participants are required to engage in full-time clinical practice while fulfilling their service commitment. The LRP defines full-time clinical practice as working a minimum of 80 hours every two-week period for an average of at least 40 hours per week. The 80 hours cannot be worked in less than seven days and no more than 12 hours of work can be performed in any 24-hour period. Time spent in on-call status will not count toward the 80 hours. Any hours worked over the required 80 hours per two-week period cannot be applied to any other workweek.

Suspension of Your Service Commitment

You must request a suspension of your service commitment if you anticipate an absence from full-time clinical practice longer than 35 workdays. The LRP reviews suspensions for medical reasons (including maternity leave), military deployment and urgent personal matters only. You must submit requests and documentation detailing the reason for a suspension to the LRP branch office prior to the beginning of your extended absence.

Transfer Requests

Your LRP award is site and position specific — you will not be able to transfer your LRP contract to another site or position without prior approval from the LRP branch office. The LRP requires three letters with your transfer request. Appropriate facility representatives from your current facility and your prospective transfer site must sign the letters on official letterhead. These include:

  • One from you stating why you are requesting a transfer.
  • One from your facility administration (HR, CEO, etc.) stating the impact of your transfer on the facility's day-to-day operations.
  • One from the prospective site documenting the position vacancy, your hire date, a position description and the impact of your transfer on the facility's day-to-day operations.

Failure to obtain approval before transferring to another site may result in breach of contract and placement in default.