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Extending Participation

Many health professionals find the clinical work and financial advantages associated with the LRP so rewarding that they choose to extend their commitment. If your qualified loans are not paid in full at the end of your two-year service commitment, you can apply for a contract extension and continue to serve. You will receive one year of loan repayment for each additional year of service until you pay off your qualifying loans.

The LRP will consider your extension request if funding is available and you meet these requirements:

  • You continue to provide full-time clinical services in your chosen health profession.
  • An extension of your service will continue to meet Indian health staffing needs.
  • You have qualified health profession education loans NOT fully paid for under your initial contract.
  • You can provide official documentation from your lending institution(s) indicating that it applied maximum payments from your LRP award to your eligible outstanding debt during your service.
  • You will remain at your current facility or transfer to a facility with the same or a higher site score than your current facility.

As an LRP participant, you will receive priority consideration, but you must submit your extension request prior to January 1 of the final year of your LRP contract. If you miss the deadline, you’re still eligible to apply for an extension, but approval of your award will be subject to available funding.