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Area Office Staff

Navajo Area Indian Health Service

Navajo Area Office
272 Hwy 264
Window Rock, AZ 86515-9020
Phone: 928-871-5812/5813/5801
Fax No. 928-871-5872

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Time Zone: Mountain
States Served: AZ, NM, CO, UT

Office of the Area Director
Phone: 928-871-5801
FAX: 928-871-5872

DuWayne Begay, Area Director

CAPT Brian K. Johnson, Acting Deputy Area Director

Dr. Kevin Gaines, CMO, Chief Medical Officer

Audra Atene, Executive Officer, Navajo Area Indian Health Service

Office of Indian Self Determination (OPH)

Marquis Yazzie, Director
Phone: 928-871-1444
FAX: 928-871-5819

Office of Health Programs

Dr. Paula Mora, Director
Phone: 928-871-1338
FAX: 928-871-1322

Office of Health Programs

Melissa Y. Wyaco, RN-BSN, MHA, Navajo Area Nurse Consultant
Phone: 928-871-1329
FAX: 928-871-1365

Lisa Chee, Acting Health Promotion Disease Prevention Coordinator
Phone: 928-871-1338
FAX: 928-871-5872

Dr. Paula Mora, Area Diabetes Consultant
Phone: 928-871-1482
FAX: 928-871-1322

Kimberlyn Tom, Quality Manager
Phone: 928-871-5854
FAX: 928-871-5872

Dr. Jermone Alford, Area Dental Consultant
Phone: 928-871-1412
FAX: 928-871-1322

Terrah Johnson, Health Professions Recruitment Manager
Phone: 928-871-5884
FAX: 928-871-5872

Kathy Ray, Clinical Applications Coordinator
Phone: 928-871-1425
Fax: 928-871-1423

Office of Purchased/Referred Care

Marie Begay, Chief, Purchased Referred Care
Phone: 928-871-5894
FAX: 928-871-5840

Division of Acquisition Management and Contracts

Jericho Lewis, Acting Director & Chief of the Contracting Office
Phone: 928-871-1310
FAX: 928-871-1477

Division of Financial Management

Darlene Kirk, Financial Management Officer
Phone: 928-871-5812
FAX: 928-871-5877

Division of Human Resources

Larrisa Emerson, Director
Phone: 928-871-5834
FAX: 928-871-1383

Division of Information Technology

Dyron Thompson, Director
Phone: 928-871-1416
FAX: 928-871-1423

Office of Environmental Health & Engineering

CDR Kevin Gaines, Acting OEHE Director
Phone: 928-871-5855
FAX: 928-871-1462

Office of Biomedical Engineering

Harlen Yazzie, Director of Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 928-871-5889
FAX: 928-871-5888

Division of Health Facilities

Candace Tsingine, Director
Phone: 928-871-1331
FAX: 928-871-1462

Division of Environmental Health Services

Donna Gilbert, Acting Director
Phone: 928-781-3816
FAX: 928-781-3810

Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction

CDR David Lyle Setwyn, Director
Phone: 928-871-5882
FAX: 928-871-1462

Environmental Health Support Center

Director: Vacant
Phone: 928-871-1318