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Important FDA communications regarding the prescribing and monitoring of FDA approved medications and devices are listed here. Drug Safety Communications (DSC) are the result of pharmacovigilance through clinical research findings and post marketing surveillance data. A listing of recent DSC can be found on the FDA website Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving . Drug Safety Alerts (DSAs) provide important information about the safe and effective use of one or more medications. Drug safety alerts provide information about current topics and findings to help raise awareness and promote medication safety.

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Drug-Safety Communication

January 12, 2022

FDA Wrning: Dental Problems have been Reported with Medicines Containing Buprenorphine that are Dissolved in the Mouth

The dental problems, including tooth decay, cavities, oral infections, and loss of teeth, can be serious and have been reported even in patients with no history of dental issues. Reports indicate that one or more teeth may be affected and tooth extraction/removal is the most common treatment.

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