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Opioid Dependence Management

Opioid Dependence Management

The aim of the Indian Health Service is to promote safe and effective therapies to help patients and providers optimally manage pain and stop the inappropriate use of pain medications. Reducing medication misuse and diversion in our communities while addressing all facets of pain management using a holistic, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary approach is a clinical and public health priority. An inevitable outcome of prolonged opioid prescribing is dependence and overdose risk at high doses or in combination with certain psychotropic medications and/or alcohol. Prescription drugs, especially opioid pain medications, have been implicated increasingly in drug overdose deaths over the last decade. The CDC has identified addiction to prescription pain medication as the strongest risk factor for heroin addiction.

This website serves to provide information and resources on management of opioid use in pregnancy, reducing the incidence of opioid overdose and overdose-related deaths, decreasing the prevalence of opioid dependence and treatment strategies for opioid dependence. For more information regarding pain management and safe opioid prescribing, please visit the Indian Health Service Pain Management site.

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