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OMG! This Quiz Totally Knows Me! (click any ad to continue)


A quiz to find out which Simpsons character I am? Terrific! I'm totally Lisa.

Sounds fun, right? But know this: the quizzes you find on popular social media sites are often specially crafted by phishers to find valuable information about you.

Who was your favorite teacher? What was the name of your first pet? What was your first car or job? What is your favorite book? What street did you grow up on?

Do these questions sound familiar? They should! Many of these are used as security questions when you set up an online account, and you may be inadvertently giving crooks the information they need to build a profile on you that enables them to hack those accounts. Once they do that, there's little to stop them from using your name and reputation to take advantage of your friends too!

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