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NCSAM Escape Room Start

The year is 2025. The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere and everything is connected to the Internet. Even your sock drawer is a "smart" sock drawer and will send you an email alert if you matched the wrong green socks together!
Closed front door with keypad.
Your house has a new smart door that will alert you when a drone arrives with a delivery or when your car is fully charged and has driven around from the garage to pick you up. It even- Oh, no... what's happening...?
Closed front door, the keypad flashes red. A metal door has closed in front of it.
Your smart home's security protocols have been activated without your permission!
Closed front door, the keypad flashes red. A metal door and bars have closed in front of it.
It appears your "smart" home's operating system has been taken over by evil hackers and you are now trapped in your own living room!
In order to escape this room, you are going to need to take on the evil hackers who have taken over your Information Technology (IT). To beat them, you will need to enter in three Smart Home Reset Codes that you can find in the smart home’s user manuals and supplemental materials!
To escape, you must... Own IT! Secure IT! Protect IT!