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CyberSecurity Awareness Month 2022

Week 1: CyberQwest [PDF - 1MB]
A fun board game where engaging in good or bad cyber behaviors will move you forward or backward on the game board. Play this game with your friends and family to learn more about cybersecurity and to spur discussion about positive and negative computing habits.

Week 2: Cyberspectives Podcast Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
Includes interviews with the IHS Chief Information Security Officer and Cybersecurity Incident Response Team Lead as well as discussions on this year's CSAM themes, the recent Uber hack, the danger of QR codes, and how we can all practice good cyber behavior.

Week 3: "See Yourself in Cyber" Website
This interactive website explores security risks around your home and the steps you can take to minimize those risks. Browse the website and learn ways to secure information, no matter where you are.

Week 4: Cyber Catalog Poster [PDF - 1MB]
This parody poster of two pages torn out of the retro 80s "Totally Outrageous Cyber Catalog" discusses the importance of thinking before you click, enabling multi-factor authentication, updating your software, and using strong passwords to keep your information secure.

Week 5: The Insider Threat at the End of This Video Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
This animated video shows a loveable monster character who is concerned about the cyber threats that it might see if you watch all the way to the end of the cartoon.

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