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Purpose Area 2

IHS awarded 45 projects under SASP/MSPI Purpose Area 2 [PDF - 40 KB] to address Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention. Funded projects address SASP/MSPI overall goals #3 and #5 and specifically address the following eight required objectives:

  1. Expand available behavioral health care treatment services;
  2. Foster coalitions and networks to improve care coordination;
  3. Educate and train providers in the care of suicide screening and evidence-based suicide care;
  4. Promote community education to recognize the signs of suicide, and prevent and intervene in suicides and suicidal ideations;
  5. Improve health system organizational practices to provide evidence-based suicide care;
  6. Establish local health system policies for suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention;
  7. Integrate culturally appropriate treatment services; and
  8. Implement trauma informed care services and programs.