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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided to SASP/MSPI projects by IHS Area Project Officers and the Tribal and Urban Epidemiology Centers.

IHS Project Officers are assigned to each of the 12 IHS Areas and:

  • Provide direct programmatic technical assistance for all grantees and IHS Federal project awardees in each IHS Area.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for all questions related to the project scope of work, budget, timeline, and other required project tasks and documentation.

Tribal and Urban Epidemiology Centers serve as the TA Providers for Evaluation, and assist projects in each of the 12 IHS Areas and Urban Indian organizations, and they provide:

  • TA evaluation for funded projects to establish baseline data related to MSPI/DVPI funded projects.
  • Assistance to sites with establishing and revising their plans for local data collection.
  • TA for funded projects to monitor trends on baseline data;
  • Site visits for tailored TA, as funding permits
  • Virtual site visits for tailored TA for all funded projects.

TA is also provided by the IHS Division of Grants Management, specific to the management and administration of IHS grants. Two Grants Management Specialists are assigned all MSPI projects, and provide grants-specific technical assistance, including information regarding the project’s official Notice of Award (NoA), grant policies and procedures, cost principles, allowable and unallowable costs, direct costs, information on the GrantSolutions system, and carryover requests.