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Purpose Area 4

Additional MSPI Awards Announced


IHS awarded 107 projects under SASP/MSPI Purpose Area 4 [PDF - 46 KB] to promote early intervention strategies and implement positive youth programming aimed at reducing risk factors for suicidal behavior and substance abuse. Funded projects address SASP/MSPI overall goal #6 by working with Native youth, up to and including age 24, on the following four required objectives:

  1. Implement evidenced-based and practice-based approaches to build resiliency, promote positive development, and increase self-sufficiency behaviors among native youth;
  2. Promote family engagement;
  3. Increase access to prevention activities for youth to prevent methamphetamine use and other substance use disorders that contribute to suicidal behaviors, in culturally appropriate ways; and
  4. Hire additional behavioral health staff (i.e., licensed behavioral health providers and paraprofessionals, including but not limited to peer specialists, mental health technicians, and community health aides) specializing in child, adolescent, and family services who will be responsible for implementing project activities that address all of the required objectives listed.*

*NOTE: In Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, IHS received funds specifically for SASP/MSPI Purpose Area #4 to continue work with Native youth. Objective #4 was added to the FY 2016 new funding opportunity announcements, and newly funded applicants will be required to hire additional behavioral health staff as part of their MSPI project.